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Is it safe to send credit card information over the Internet?+
We use Paypal exclusively to process card payments. We do not hold customer card information on our servers or anywhere else.
What if I don't want to or can't purchase by card?+
If you want to make a purchase in another way or have any other questions please contact us.
Is it possible for me to pick up the book in person?+
It may be possible, please contact us.
Do you give discounts?+
Everything on our website is 10% cheaper than anywhere else we sell online.
What if I am not completely satisfied with my purchase?+
We have always offered a 100% no quibble refund policy.


Are you affiliated with any charitable organisations?+
No. We don't feel comfortable deciding how libraries' money should be spent. Over the years we have raised millions of pounds for libraries so that they can spend the money as they see fit.
Just good condition books with an ISBN - right?+
Wrong. We don't simply go for a quick profit and draw the line at books with an ISBN because we realise that much of your withdrawn stock will be older and our experience has shown us that almost all books have potential buyers somewhere.

We believe it is our job to find those customers. However, as you might expect we generally do not take periodicals, bibliographies or other reference material which is readily available online or via CD's etc. There are certain subject areas which quickly date e.g. Law or Management and we may well be selective with books of this kind.

We have also had no luck with books for children and young adults but if you are in doubt please email us and we will let you know - it is always better to have stock checked rather than dispose of it and if it is in the way we are always happy to recycle it for you.
What about School Books?+
Unfortunately, books for school children and young adults are almost impossible to resell, so we do not take these.
Can we send you books for free?+
Of course!  But we would prefer to pay you otherwise we would just be a business profiting from your goodwill and charity.
Do you ever throw away books?+
Nothing is ever simply thrown away, though we do recycle books via an accredited government recycling agency if we are absolutely sure that they no longer have any resale value.
Do we have to box-up books?+
No. We realise that librarians are always pushed for time and so there is no need to box up anything (unless you want to) and if you have difficulty finding boxes we'll send you as many as you need. We will also drop off empties when we pickup.
Do we need to pre-catalogue our stock?+
No. We do all that. Neither do you need to check each book with a piece of software to see if we'll accept it. You tell us what you want to get rid of and we'll take it away.
Do Different libraries get different deals?+
No. Our Terms & Conditions are and have always been the same for all UK libraries and are transparently available for perusal here. We have nothing to hide and have always given higher and better percentages then our imitators.
Is our quantity of books too small or too large for you?+
No. We do try and 'string together' pickups in the same area to save on fuel and time, but in the past we taken more than 50000 books a day from libraries without difficulty. Just get in touch and we'll work with you to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the minimum disruption.
What about condition?+
We have a reputation amongst book buyers for both the honesty of our descriptions and for selling ex-library books. Since most of our customers are students and academics - condition is not that important and if the book is only a reading copy we may still be able to sell it. There are some books that will never sell either because of their content or their condition but it can do no harm to try! If in doubt put it aside when we come to collect and we can consider it at the time.
Will we be under any obligation to provide withdrawn stock?+
No. Once you have a supplier ID, which is free, you can use our services as often or as little as you like.
Do you require exclusivity?+
We are certain we offer libraries the best services available so we don't need to ask for exclusivity.
How much notice do you require?+
The answer to this varies according to the time of year and the volume of work we are experiencing. Ideally as much as possible but if you really needed a pickup yesterday - get in touch and we'll be there.
How often and in what manner do you make payments?+
Via our Client Portal you can log in and affect a disbursement whenever and as often as you wish.
Will we be charged for any unsold books?+
No. Books that remain unsold at the end of 100 days will become our responsibility.
Do you take non-English books?+
Yes. There is a good market for French, Spanish, Italian and German books.
Can you provide references?+
We can provide references from several hundred academic libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We do not publish them online for obvious reasons but most of our suppliers are very willing to be contacted with prior notice. Just drop us a line and we'll put you in touch.